Unlocked Outdoors

19.00 1 hour

Dr. Finnigan, a world-renowned historian left his life to investigate a strange appearance in the Kanata plains. His research was nearly completed when he had to leave his camp and return home. He has asked you to continue his research by visiting his camp and taking over from where he left off. To do this you will need to uncover the artifacts hidden in his camp and then use his research to guide you into the wilderness to find others. Rumor has it that when all 9 are uncovered they can be used together to unlock frozen treats. Can you uncover everything and return home a hero?

Unlocked Outdoors is designed as a family friendly adventure, however groups of all ages are welcome to play. This adventure will mostly take place outdoors, but the adventure will begin and end at Unlocked Ottawa. You will have the option to have guide with you for the duration of the adventure who will explain the mission, boundaries, and provide assistance as requested by your group. If you choose not to have a guide, please bring one cell phone that can be used for calls or messaging. We will run this adventure rain or shine so dress for the weather! 

At Unlocked Ottawa all bookings are private, you will NEVER be booked with another group.