Strange Happenings

$20.00 90 minutes

There is nothing we at URSA dislike more than a distraction from science, especially when that distraction is making a mockery of our credible organization. Currently, a nonsense Hoax has confused the public into believing that URSA is with holding information about the existence of alien lifeforms. Usually we can discredit these theories before they go too far, but this particular theory is gaining traction because of its relation to a famous missing person case: the disappearance of Anthony Lytle.

While searching the “Uncharted Territory Division’s” database we came across a strange software. We believe that this division within URSA is responsible for the creation of the HOAX and this software is the fuel. Investigators your mission is simple, examine this software by following its instructions and come to a concrete conclusion to the origin and purpose of this Hoax.

Strange Happenings is an Outdoor App-Guided Adventure. The Route includes a total of 45 min of walking on a combination of paved trails and the sidewalks on low traffic streets. The entire adventure will take between 60 and 90 minutes. A fully refundable deposit may be required if borrowing our tablet.