The Krylon Crew

18.50 45 minutes

Ottawa’s First Competitive Adventure Room 

2 Teams. 2 Identical Challenges. 1 Awesome Competition.

The first team to complete their challenge will win!

The Krylon Crew (Team 1): You’re professional bank robbers. It’s what you do, and you’re good at it … EXCEPT this time something went wrong, alarms are sounding and you GOTTA GO! Your only hope of freedom could be a myth — a secret safe-house in an abandoned warehouse. Find it, before the police arrest you!

The Police Duo (Team 2): You’re cops, famous for finding and catching the most notorious criminals in the city. You’ve always been two steps behind the infamous Krylon Krew, a gang of bank robbers in the city known for tagging every vault they break into. They have finally messed up, and you have eye witnesses that say they ran into an abandoned warehouse. Arrest them, before they get away and make fools of you…..again.

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