Our adventure games are a live action team experience filled with challenging puzzles, concealed clues, and unique tasks designed to keep your group guessing until the very end.

At Unlocked Ottawa no team will be locked in any room. No claustrophobia – Just Adventure.

Difficulty :  Google MapsGoogle MapsGoogle Maps

Players: 2-6

Time: 35 Min

Price: $18.50 incl

The Krylon Crew has earned their reputation of being the best bank robbers in town, but this time they messed up. They tripped a silent alarm, and the cops are hot on their trail. Their only hope is the myth of a secret safe house just through the old abandoned warehouse. Can they find their safe house or will they get captured in the process?

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Difficulty :  Google MapsGoogle MapsGoogle MapsGoogle Maps

Players: 4-10

Time: 60 min

Price: $25 incl.

Our Man on Sussex 
Felix Sykes has been a pivotal part of your organization for decades but recently something is not quite right. The executives are concerned and have tasked you and your team to sneak into his apartment and discover his secret agenda without being detected. Are you up for the challenge?

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Difficulty :  Varies

Players: 4-8

Time: Unlimited

Price: $5

Unlocked Ottawa is proud to bring the first Board Game Lounge to Kanata! Select and learn new games or re-play old favorites from our continuously growing collection of board games.

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Looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday party, graduation or retirement in Ottawa?

Unlocked Ottawa gives an party experience like no other. Who else allows you to engage in top secret missions and find hidden safe houses? After, eat cake, play games and celebrate your adventure game experience in our board game lounge!

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Escape from the same old predictable team building exercises!

Unlocked Ottawa’s adventure games require each team member to rely heavily on each other to succeed. It is a genuinely fun way to encourage teamwork, communication and problem solving skills.

Unlocked Ottawa will accommodate groups of all sizes.  We provide a meeting area complete with snacks and refreshments. Unlocked Ottawa can provide outside catering and we are happy to work with you to ensure your corporate event is a great success.

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Am I actually locked in the room?

No. We do not lock the door to any of the rooms you are always able to leave for any reason.

Can we just show up?

You can always show up but we strongly recommend that you make a booking in advance. We have a board game lounge, snacks, and drinks available for you to enjoy while you wait. Remember that there is absolutely no guarantee that the escape room you want will be available unless you book prior to arrival.

Do we have to pre-pay online?

No, but we offer the the option to prepay online with any credit or debit card. If you’d like to pay at Unlocked, simply check the “Pay at Unlocked” button when reserving your adventure room and everything will be ready to go.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, escape room participants must be 10+.  Younger participants under 15 must be accompanied by a guardian, who can wait in the lounge. By request, we are happy to add more subtle hints the rooms to make them age appropriate for younger players.

What time should we arrive?

Please arrive approximately 10 minutes before your start time to process your booking and to get your team prepped for the room.

Do you take reservations for the board game lounge?

We do not take board game lounge reservations, but feel free to call us anytime to see how much space is available!

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes we do!  Purchase them in store.

How can we change or cancel a reservation?

Contact us at locksmith@unlockedottawa.com to make any changes to your existing reservation.

Call 613-518-1137 or Email us below

Thursday, Friday   4pm – 9pm
Saturday   12pm – 11pm
Sunday   12pm – 7pm

329 March Rd, Suite 202 (2nd floor)
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